Dr. Bill Pine

Associate Professor

Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

 and Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program

University of Florida



Research Interest:

My research focuses on processes that structure aquatic ecosystems often with an emphasis on fish communities.  I work to address aquatic resource management problems with informed decisions derived from field studies, computer simulations, and experimental manipulations.  I see "problem" issues in natural resource management (e.g., introduced species, overexploitation, habitat alteration) as opportunities for research into ecosystem function.  This insight can then be used to evaluate management scenarios as part of informed decision making.  Much of my recent work is on fish populations in the Apalachicola, Chassahowitzka, and Homosassa rivers in Florida in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  I have also worked for about 10 years in the Grand Canyon reach of the Colorado River as part of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program helping to assess fish population responses to different management actions such as flow experiments or non-native fish removal programs.  I'm also involved in ongoing research assessing oyster reef populations in the Big Bend region of Florida and am involved in a variety of issues related to Apalachicola river and bay resources in Florida.  I've also been involved in work in other river systems including the Amazon, Sacramento, and Gila river basins mostly related to management issues related to fishery resources and water policy decisions.  I spend a lot of time thinking about the different management and regulatory issues and perspectives of river resources in the "wet" eastern vs. the "dry" western US.  A copy of my CV is available via this link.



Ph.D. Zoology North Carolina State University  Common carp

M.S. Fisheries Science The University of Florida

B.S. Fisheries Management Auburn University



The most up-to-date list is on my Google Scholar page. If you need a reprint send me an email. Thanks!



These are links to classes I've taught in the past Most of my teaching now focuses on WIS 4601/6934 Quantitative Wildlife Ecology as well as Large River Ecology or a class on Decisions Science.

WIS 6934 Decision Making in Natural Resources, (co-taught with Dr. Fred Johnson, USGS)

WIS 4601 Quantitative Wildlife Ecology, Fall every year, 3 credits

FAS 6932 Stream Fish Biology, Generally Spring even years 4 credits

FAS 5276C Field Ecology of Aquatic Organisms, Summer A 4 credits

ALS 5932 Ecological Stats and Design, Occasionally taught 3 credits

FAS 6932 Fisheries Ecology and Management, Fall 4 credits


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