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We are pleased to announce the first in an annual series of workshops for fisheries and aquatic scientists. This workshop will be held May 8 and 9 at the UF Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department in Gainesville, Florida. The objective of this workshop is to train scientists in basic parameter estimation and population modeling in Excel. 

Potential topics for this workshop will include:

Growth Models
    Considerations in growth estimation
    Fitting models using least squares and applied likelihood methods
    Likelihood Ratio Test to compare curves

Stock-Recruitment Models
    Fitting Ricker and Beverton and Holt models
    Consideration for model structure and uses

Mortality Estimation
    Estimating total mortality
    Natural mortality approximations

Building Age-Structured Models
These methods will be used to illustrate simple techniques for fitting common models used by fisheries biologists, but the methods can be applied to a wide variety of analyses. Who would benefit from this workshop? Our target audience includes fisheries managers and research scientists who seek to learn the basics of parameter estimation and population modeling. People well versed in stock assessment methods would likely not benefit from this initial workshop. Evaluating uncertainty in parameter estimates and use of age-structured models to evaluation management options will be emphasized. Attendees of this workshop need only a basic understanding of statistical methods, equivalent to one undergraduate or graduate statistics course. The workshop will be limited to 25 participants.

Registration fee: $165 per person (lunch provided each day) please fill out and return this registration form.

Location: Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (
map) 7922 NW 71st Street Gainesville, FL 32653

Lodging options: Best Western Gateway Grand has rooms available at a government rate.  This is the closest hotel to the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

What to bring: Laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel and Solver Add-in (to add Solver to Excel, open Excel, click the Tools tab, then click Add-ins, and click the Solver box)

For more information contact Mike Allen msal@ufl.edu or Bill Pine billpine@ufl.edu
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