Current Graduate Student Opportunities


PhD fellowship is available to students interested in joining our group (Application due date January 15, 2013)




Thanks for your interest in graduate degree opportunities in my lab.  I generally do not accept students until I am able to secure funding to support their graduate degree program.  This allows students to focus on their education and not worry about focusing on funding.  A full package of support will include a stipend, tuition, and health insurance. When I do have assistantships available I will advertise them on this page, AFS, Texas A&M job board and other outlets. I encourage highly motivated students to seek fellowship opportunities from NSF, EPA, NERRS and other programs to support your graduate students. If you have received a fellowship and feel that our research interests overlap feel free to contact me. Note that UF does have a limited number of highly competitive fellowships that are available on the graduate school web page.  There are very few TA positions available for graduate students in WEC and this is not likely a viable path to fund your graduate degree program.  For students interested in quantitative fisheries I encourage you to apply to the NOAA-RTR program at UF.


NSF information from UF Grad School

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program continues to be one of the nationís premier funding awards for graduate students in STEM, social science fields and STEM Education and Learning. 

 The award includes a $30,000 annual stipend, $12,000 towards tuition and fees, opportunities for international research, professional development, and TeraGrid Supercomputer access.  The funding is for three years over a five year period.

 We have compiled these resources to assist you and your student in the NSF GRFP application process:

1.  Powerpoint from NSF, which includes eligible majors/field of study:

2.  NSF GRFP website with the funding program announcement:

3.  NSF GRFP twitter:


Employment and Internship Opportunities

None at this time.  


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