Photo by John Hayes

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars
Fall 2014

All Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars are held Mondays at 3:30PM, in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall. Cookies and coffee are always served.

September 1st

Labor Day - No Seminar

September 8th

Andrew Cox, FWRI
“Songbird productivity, student productivity, and landing the post-graduate job”

September 15th

Dr. James Nifong, UF, Biology-WEC
“Role of American alligators in coastal ecosystems.”

September 22nd

Dr. Angela Strecker, School of Environment, Portland State U.
“Novel approaches for the conservation of highly threatened freshwater fish communities”

September 29th

Dr. Coleman Sheehy, UF, WEC/SKML
“Insular mutualism between colonial nesting birds and cottonmouth snakes on Seahorse Key, Florida”

October 6th

Dr. Doria Gordon, Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy - Florida/ UF Biology
“An ounce of prevention: using risk assessments to avoid the next generation of plant invaders”

October 13th

Dr. Kathleen Alexander, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech University
“The ecology of disease emergence at the human-wildlife-environmental interface in Africa - What do we know?”

October 20th

Ben Atkinson, Ph.D. Candidate, WEC
“Conservation Osteology: Investigating the Demographic Impacts of Ghost Traps on Diamond-backed Terrapins”

October 27th

Dr. Ben Hirsch, UF-WEC
“How and why raccoon social interactions affect disease ecology”

November 3rd

Dr. Katie Sieving, UF-WEC
“Avian soundscapes to information-scapes and beyond”

November 10th

Dr. Jason Blackburn, UF Geography

November 17th

Dr. Tom Martin, USGS Coop
“Climate change impacts on the structure and function of a high elevation riparian system and its bird populations”

November 24th

Dr. Betsy Roznik, UF-WEC
“Disease ecology in Australian rainforest frogs: effects of behavior, environment, and habitat”

December 1st

WEC MS Masters Symposium

December 8th

Dr. Margaret Kinnaird, Director, Mpala Research Center and Dr. Tim O'Brien, Senior Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society
“Wildlife trends across the private lands of Laikipia, Kenya: the role of people, predators and livestock”