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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars - Spring 2006

All Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars are held Mondays at 4:00PM, in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall. Cookies and coffee are always served.

Jan 9

Dr. Perran Ross, Associate Scientist, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation & F.F.W.C.C.  
“The mysterious case of Lake Griffin alligators: nutrition, disease and wildlife management.”

Jan 16

MLK Day – no seminar

Jan 23

Dr. Alex Hernandez, Biological Sciences & SE Environmental Research Center, F.I.U.
"Parasitism, Food Webs and Biomass Patterns in Stream Ecosystems"
Host: Peter Frederick

Jan 30

Dr. Sue Boinski, Anthropology, University of Florida
“Beats of different drummers: Percussion, sexual selection and the archaeological landscape of wild brown capuchins in Suriname.”
Host: Madan Oli (

Feb 6

Dr. Tom Schoener, University of CA @ Davis, WGSA invited speaker
“Experimental studies of predatory effects on a common lizard in its food web: from behavior through ecology to selection”
Host: WGSA

Feb 13

Dr. Barbara Dugelby, Conservation Scientist, Round River Conservation Studies, Utah
Creating a Community-Based Wildlands Network on Private Lands in Ecuador
Contact: (  
Host: Perran Ross

Feb 20

Dr. Gary Machlis, Canon Professor of Conservation at the University of Idaho, and Visiting Senior Scientist for the US National Park Service.
 “The human ecosystem as an organizing concept in ecosystem management”
Contact:\Co-Hosts: WEC (, LUECI (

Feb 27

Dr. Cathy Pfister, Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago
Long-term ecological research and the evaluation of 2 paradigms in coastal marine systems
Host: Emilio Bruna (

Mar 6

Dr. Tara Anderson, D.V.M., Veterinary Pathology, UF Vet School
Avian Influenza: Perspectives on Wildlife, Domestic Animal, and Human Health”
Host: Katie Sieving (

Friday Mar 10

349 Reitz Union, 12:15 PM
Dr. Ken Schmidt, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University
“Territorial settlement in birds: ecological traps and escapes”
 Hosts: Katie Sieving (; Bob Holt (

Mar 13

Spring Break – no seminar

Mar 20

Eric Stolen, WEC doctoral candidate, Dynamac Corporation
“Factors influencing wading bird foraging behavior and habitat use in shallow estuarine wetlands”

Mar 27

Dr. Paul Angermeier, Fisheries & Wildlife, Virginia Tech University
Conservation’s political irrelevance: redefining the biodiversity crisis.”
Co-Hosts: WEC (, FAS (

Apr 3

Traci Darnell Castellón, WEC doctoral candidate
Dispersal behavior, patch occupancy, sustainable patch networks, and conservation planning for an endemic understory bird
Host: Katie Sieving (

Apr 10

Dr. Todd Engstrom, Adjunct, Biological Sciences, Florida State University
Values of Old-growth Forest in the Southeastern Coastal Plains
Host: Perran Ross (

Apr 17

WIS 6933 conference

Apr 24

WEC Masters Symposium

Contact: Claire Williams (