Photo by John Hayes

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars
Spring 2008

All Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars are held Mondays at 4:00PM, in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall. Cookies and coffee are always served.

January 7

Catherine A. Langtimm, USGS, Florida Integrated Science Center, Sirenia Project
“Population research in support of recovery of the Florida manatee”

January 14

John Hayes, WEC, University of Florida
“Green energy or death traps: Wind energy and wildlife”

January 21

MLK Day - No Seminar

January 28

Gary Hepp, Auburn University
“Is incubation in birds an important cost of reproduction?”

February 4

Tim Coulson, Imperial College, London
“Deer, guns and wolves: management of the Scottish Highlands”

February 11

Gary White, Colorado State University
“Program MARK: Recent additions and unresolved questions”

February 18

Robert Fletcher, WEC, University of Florida
“Social information in heterogeneous landscapes: patterns, processes, and consequences.”

February 25

Scott Robinson, University of Florida
“Conserving birds in urban and agricultural landscapes”

March 3

Paul R. Reillo, Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, Loxahatchee, FL (WGSA speaker)
“The new conservationist's toolkit”

March 10

Spring Break - No Seminar

March 17

Jose Lorenzo Silva-Lugo, PhD Candidate
“Plants and small mammals responses to prescribed burning in Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve”

March 24

L. Scott Mills, University of Montana
“Going beyond intuition to recover endangered species”

March 27

There will be a special Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminar, “The Science of NEON: Goals, Questions, and Status” by Michael Keller, Chief of Science - The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). The seminar will be March 27, 2008 4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. The Location will be G001 McCarty Hall D. Please see the flyer (Adobe PDF) for additional information.

March 31

Dave Onorato, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
“Genetic introgression of the Florida panther and associated impacts on the conservation of an endangered species”

April 7

Dr. E. Jane Luzar, IFAS, University of Florida
“Economics of Natural Resources”

April 14

Pedro Quintana-Ascencio, University of Central Florida
“Fire influences genetic and demographic spatial structure of the Florida endemic Hypericum cumulicola”

April 21

Master’s Symposium