Photo by John Hayes

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars
Spring 2013

All Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars are held Mondays at 3:30PM, in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall. Cookies and coffee are always served.

Jan. 7

Brian Silliman, University of Florida, Biology Department
“Resilience and Degradation in Louisiana marshes following the BP oil spill”

Jan. 14

W. James Loughry, Valdosta State University
“The Nine-Banded Armadillo: The Very Model of a Modern Major Mammal”

Jan. 21

MLK DAY No Seminar

Jan. 28

Jason Rohr, University of South Florida
“The politics and research behind pollution, climate change, disease, and amphibian declines”

Feb. 4

Fangyuan Hua, University of Florida
“Trait-mediated effects of predation risk: how does it influence forest bird - habitat relationships?”

Feb. 11

Ana Carnaval, City College of New York
“Climate change and biodiversity patterns: past, present, and future”

Feb. 18

Jason K. Blackburn, University of Florida Geography Department & The Emerging Pathogens Institute
“Anthrax in wildlife: practical applications of spatial modeling, telemetry and ecology to disease management”

Feb. 25

Walter Jetz, Yale University

Mar. 4


Mar. 11

Robert Garrott, Montana State University
“10,000 Days on Snowshoes - Wolf and elk dynamics in Central Yellowstone”
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Mar. 18

Raoul Boughton, Archbold Biological Station
“Impacts of pathogens on Florida Scrub-Jays, from epizootics to chronic parasitaemia - What do we know?”
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Mar. 25

Lauren Buckley, UNC Chapel Hill
“Using trait variation over space and time to forecast ecological and evolutionary responses to climate change”

April 1

Geoff Hill, Auburn University
“Rethinking the Mechanisms of Honest Signaling”

April 4 - Special Seminar - Room 376

Dr. Krithi Karanth, Alumnus, University of Florida
Adjunct Professor, Duke University, Executive Director, Centre for Wildlife Studies, India
“Fostering Tolerance for Wildlife: Conflict Risk, Mitigation and Compensation in India”

April 8

Julien Martin, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
“Importance of well-designed aerial surveys for marine mammal conservation”

April 15

WEC MS Symposium
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April 22

John Paul Metzger, University of Sao Paulo