Photo by John Hayes

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars
Spring 2014

Jan. 6

No seminar-first day of classes

Jan. 13

David Wilcove, Princeton University
“The Case of the Killer Cookie: Logging, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia”

Jan. 20

No seminar-Martin Luther King Day

Jan. 27

James (Jim) Beasley, University of Georgia
“Ecological Adaptations of Mesopredators Inhabiting Agricultural Ecosystems”

Feb. 3

Daniel Slone, USGS Southeast Ecological Science Center
“Discovery, mapping and characterization of seagrass beds in the Ten Thousand Islands using manatee telemetry, spatial modeling, and a camera-based sampling system”

Feb. 10

Thomas Sanger, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, UF
“The Developmental and Evolutionary Origins of Anolis Lizard Diversity”

Feb. 17

Jose Miguel Ponciano, Biology, UF
“The loss of history and the strength of density-dependence”

Feb. 24

Morgan Ernst, Utah State University
“Time: the final frontier (in ecology)”

March 3

No seminar-spring break

March 10

Ben Baiser, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UF
“The causes and consequences of network structure in food webs”

March 17

John Withey, Florida International University
“Modeling changes in wildlife habitat and conservation return on investment in the conterminous USA”

March 24

Tavis Anderson, Georgia Southern University
“Parasites and pathogens in biological networks: from vectors to vaccines”

March 31

Mevin Hooten, Colorado State University, Colorado, Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
“Spatial occupancy modeling for large datasets”

April 7

Jackson Frechette, Ph.D. Candidate, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UF
“Testing the effects of bird and gibbon seed dispersal patterns on seedling recruitment”

April 14

Brian Reichert, Ph.D. Candidate, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UF
“The Role of Spatial Ecology in the Monitoring and Conservation of Snail Kites”

April 21

WEC MS Symposium