Photo by John Hayes

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars
Spring 2015

All Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars are held Mondays at 3:30PM, in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall. Cookies and coffee are always served.

January 12

Dr. Tremaine Gregory, Smithsonian Institution
“Measuring and mitigating the impacts of hydrocarbon activities in the Peruvian Amazon”

January 19

Martin Luther King Holiday

January 26

Dr. Patrick Jodice, USFWS Coop, Clemson University
“Examining the movement ecology of seabirds across a range of spatial and temporal scales”

February 2

Dr. Cecile Gotteland, WEC, UF
“Spatio-temporal dynamics of environmental contamination by Toxoplasma gondii”

February 9

Dr. Hilary Swain, Archibold Biological Station
“Trade-offs in ecosystem services from Florida Ranchlands”

February 16

Dr. James Beerens, USGS
“Modeling spatio-temporal responses of wading bird indicator species across resource gradients for Everglades restoration”

February 23

Dr. Michael Dietz, Boston University
“Ecological forecasting: from theory to practice”

March 2

Spring Break

March 9

Dr. Kathleen Alexander, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech
“The ecology of disease emergence at the human-wildlife-environmental interface in Africa - What do we know?”

March 16

Dr. Amanda Rodewald, Cornell University
“Causes and consequences of altered species interactions in urbanizing landscapes”

March 23

Andrea Long, WEC, UF
“Assessing the effects of red-imported fire ants on native small mammals and herpetofauna”

March 30

Dr. Marco Aurélio Pizo, IB/UNESP Brasil
“Explaining forbidden interactions in mutualistic networks: the influence of lipids in fruit choice by birds”

April 6

Dr. Paul Ferraro, Georgia State University
“Estimating the impacts of conservation on ecosystem services by integrating modeling and evaluation”

April 13

Dr. Chase Mendenhall, Stanford University
“Predicting and protecting biodiversity in agricultural landscapes”

April 20

WEC MS Masters Symposium