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Undergraduate Program Overview

Wildlife Science for a Sustainable Future

Our undergraduate program emphasizes ecological principles and their application to the challenges of biodiversity conservation, especially with regard to wildlife and their habitat.

Our department offers the only Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the state of Florida; and students from other disciplines may obtain a minor in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. Through our undergraduate coursework, with its strong emphasis on problem solving, students learn ecological theory and management principles, and gain practical experience in research and management techniques.

Known for the excellence and rigor of our teaching, research, and extension, our undergraduate program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in wildlife and natural resources education, research, management, and advocacy, law enforcement, and veterinary medicine.

Our graduates will, in many cases, work for federal or state agencies, but a significant number pursue careers in the private sector. Some graduates seek advanced degrees in the sciences; however, students can find national, entry-level employment with the B.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation.


Dr. William Giuliano
Undergraduate Coordinator
308 Newins-Zielger Hall
Phone: (352) 846-0575