Elizabeth F. Pienaar

Elizabeth F. Pienaar

Position: Assistant Professor - Human Dimensions of Wildlife

70% research
30% extension

PhD (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of California, Davis, 2009
Majors: Environmental Economics, Development Economics
Bachelor of Economics with First Class Honors, University of Queensland, 1999
Bachelor of Arts, University of Queensland, 1998

Professional Experience
University of Florida
Assistant Professor - Human Dimesions of Wildlife, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, 2012 - present

New York University
Adjunct Assistant Professor (Environmental Economics), Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, 2012
Economics Fellow, Institute for Policy Integrity, NYU School of Law, 2010 - 2012

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Economic Consultant, Protected Species Valuation survey, 2009 - 2011

San Jose State University
Lecturer (Environmental Economics), Department of Environmental Studies, 2009

University of California, Davis
Lecturer (International Development), Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2009

Reserve Bank of Australia
Economic Analyst, Financial System Stability, 2000 - 2002

Human dimensions of wildlife with a specific focus on economic solutions to human-wildlife conflict
Economic approaches to improve the performance of wildlife-based Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Programs in Botswana
Measuring how environmental attitudes towards endangered and threatened marine species are influenced by survey information
Survey design, implementation and analysis

Develop a strategy to integrate social science research with existing scientific work to support wildlife and fisheries management in Florida.

Selected Publications and Reports

Kreye, M. M. and E. F. Pienaar (2015) "A Critical Review of Efforts to Protect Florida Panther Habitat on Private Lands" Land Use Policy 48: 428-436.

Pienaar, E. F., M. M. Kreye and C. Jacobs (2015) "Conflicts between cattlemen and the Florida Panther: Insights and Policy Recommendations from Interviews with Florida Cattlemen" Forthcoming in Human Ecology - An Interdisciplinary Journal

Pienaar, E. F., D. Telesco and S. Barrett (2015) "Understanding People's Willingness to Implement Measures to Manage Human-Bear Conflict in Florida" Journal of Wildlife Management 79(5): 798-806.

Larson, D. M., E. F. Pienaar and L. S. Jarvis "Wildlife Conservation, Labor Supply, and Time Values in Rural Botswana", forthcoming in Environment and Development Economics.

Feinberg, D. S., M. E. Hostetler, S. E. Reed, E. F. Pienaar & L. Pejchar (2015) "Evaluating Management Strategies to Enhance Biodiversity in Conservation Developments: Perspectives from Developers in Colorado, USA" Landscape and Urban Planning 136: 87-96.

Pienaar, E. F., D. K. Lew & K. Wallmo (2015) "The Importance of Survey Content: Testing for the Context Dependency of the New Ecological Paradigm Scale" Social Science Research 51: 338-349.

Pienaar, E. F., L. S. Jarvis & D. M. Larson (2014) "Using a choice experiment framework to value conservation-contingent development programs: An application to Botswana" Ecological Economics 98: 39-48.

Pienaar, E. F, D. K. Lew & K. Wallmo (2013) "Are environmental attitudes influenced by survey context? An investigation of the context dependency of the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) Scale" Social Science Research 42: 1542-1554.

Pienaar, E. F., L. S. Jarvis & D. M. Larson (2013) "Creating direct incentives for wildlife conservation in community-based natural resource management programmes in Botswana", The Journal of Development Studies 49(3): 315-333.

Livermore, M., E. F. Pienaar and J. A. Schwartz "The Regulatory Red Herring - The Role of Job Impact Analyses in Environmental Policy Debates", Institute for Policy Integrity, April 2012.

Howitt, R. and E. F. Pienaar (2006) "Agricultural Impacts" in Smith, J. B. and R. Mendelsohn, eds. The Impact of Climate Change on Regional Systems: A Comprehensive Analysis of California, Edgar Publishing, Brookfield, VT, pp. 188-207.

Lew, D. K., D. M. Larson, G. Kipperberg, J. Barrett, and E. F. Pienaar. "Assessing Economic Impacts of Water Pollution on Beneficial Uses in California Water Bodies: The Beneficial Use Value Calculator Enforcement Module: A Report to the State Water Resources Control Board" December 2003.