Photo by John Hayes

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars
Spring 2018

All Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminars are held Mondays at 3:30PM, in 112 Newins-Ziegler Hall. Cookies and coffee are always served.


Jennifer Seavey, Shoals Marine Laboratory
"Let's Tern to the Gulf of Maine: endangered seabird recovery in the Isles of Shoals"


Bill Pine, UF
"Using multi-state models and a large-scale telemetry network to resolve persistent uncertainties in mortality and movement: A case history with Gulf sturgeon"


Moved to THURSDAY, FEB 1st @ 12:45PM Room 471 Grinter Hall
Sam Ferrara, South African National Parks (SANParks)
"A collage of Goliath teachings – what do elephants and rhinos tell us about ourselves?"


Juliet Lamb, Clemson
"Evaluating year-round seabird habitat needs in the Gulf of Mexico to improve oil pollution risk assessment and mitigation"


Jennifer Rehage, FIU
"Understanding the dynamics and sustainability of recreational fisheries: Patterns, drivers, space and time in Bonefish (Albula vulpes) in South Florida"


Richard Chandler, UGA
"Narrowing the divide between ecological theory and application with hierarchical spatio-temporal models"


Larry Nielsen, NC State
"Seven Years after the BP Oil Spill—Environmental Disaster or Just a Bump in the Road?"


Susan Walls, USGS - WARC
"A Conservation Strategy for Recovery of Imperiled Flatwoods Salamanders"


Daniel Evans, UF
"The Path Most Traveled: Using Satellite Telemetry to Identify and Characterize Migration Pathways and Foraging Areas of Four Species of Marine Turtle in the North Atlantic and Wider Caribbean"


Andrew Cox, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
"Finding cause for optimism in avian conservation"


Martha Hoopes, Mount Holyoke
"Evaluating Impacts of the Lionfish Invasion in the Gulf of Mexico: Inferences from a Trophic Dynamic Model"


Dr. J. Sean Doody, University of Tennessee
"The invasive cane toad in Australia: impacts, control and mitigation"


Jennifer Moore, UF


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